What installation work will be necessary to install my new lift?

In many cases, there will be no alteration works necessary except for the fitting of rail brackets and installation of a 10 amp power point should there not be a power point close to the stairway. Products such as Flow II can be installed on either side of most stairways so removal of existing hand rails can be avoided in many cases. In any case, our trained consultants will look at your residence in close detail as part of our free consultation service and any costs scheduled in a comprehensive quotation to you. We aim to provide an end to end solution to make your purchase seamless and trouble free.

Will my wall support a Stair Lift?

This is a common misnomer amongst client enquiries. Our Stair lifts will not require any fixing to walls and only require brackets mounted on the stair treads. Unlike our competitor stair lift products, Thyssen Krupp stair lifts do not require any poles or stanchions to support the railing system therefore providing a more stable and aesthetically pleasing installation.

What is the process for selecting and best fit for my home and application?

It all starts with a phone call to us. We will then organize for an obligation free home consultation to discuss your particular needs and any physical conditions that may require certain options to be fitted to your stair lift. Our trained Consultants will then make a thorough inspection of your stairway and surrounding areas to check on suitability of a stairlift. We shall check for adequate clearances to meet Australian Standards and industry best practice. We shall then advise you of on any home modifications that may be necessary to complete the installation. A written quotation will then be prepared for your review and any options clearly shown to you in our offer. Once ordered, we shall coordinate all the required installation works and have the lift fitted to your home by our trained installation team. We shall then fully test the stairlift and provide you with a training session so that you are familiar with the operational and safety features of your new stair lift.

Should I choose a home lift or a stair lift?

There are a number of factors to consider here. A stair lift will normally install at your home more easily and will cost less than a home elevator. On the other hand, a home elevator will enable more than one person to be carried at a time, can also carry other items ( prams, groceries, etc) and will increase the value of your house. Both options can be reviewed and costed for you during a free home consultation so you are fully informed prior to taking any decision.

I have a narrow stairway in my staircase , will a stair lift fit in my home?

In the vast majority of cases, we can provide a solution to suit your home or office stairway. Unique features such as the automatic swivel option on our Flow II product mean that we can program the stair lift to turn sideways to manoeuvre narrow points in your stair well. This is best illustrated in the video link on the Flow II information sheet. Please click here.

What if power fails to my home?

All our stair lift and platform lifts are equipped with an on board battery that will take over the powering of the lift should power fail. The batteries are kept fully charged by a battery charger fitted to the unit which is supplied as standard with each stair lift or platform lift.

I don’t have a lot of money to spend,can I afford a Stair lift?

During our free home consultation, we will be able to find the most cost effective installation method for your home and provide costs for base models for those with a limited budget. We can also provide options
(subject to availability) to supply second hand fully refurbished units with warranty.

I don’t want the Stair lift to impede access to others in my home, will this be an issue?

Our range of Stair lifts can be installed on either side of stairways in most cases so any hand railing and supports do not need to be removed for the stair lift to be installed. The railing for both straight and curved stairways will sit low to the stairs and are unobtrusive to others accessing the stairway.

There is a door way at the bottom of my stairs, will this prevent me from installing a stair lift?

No this will not be a problem. Our range of Levant straight stairlifts can be fitted with a fold up rail option and our curved (Flow II) products can be supplied with a unique “swan neck” rail so that the rail can drop vertically to the bottom tread.

Do Stairlifts require any maintenance?

In accordance with Australian Standards, a minimum of one maintenance visit is recommended per annum. Our trained technicians are on hand to provide this maintenance and any repairs in the unlikely event of unit malfunction. We can incorporate this maintenance visit and extended warranty options into the initial purchase price as a total package should you require this.